Another update on Skyler Moon

According to dirt sheets Skyler Moon tweeted the following: “For all the rumors and speculations, I do not have a drug problem, I have an eating disorder. Thank you all for the love and support!! I will b back stronger then ever 🙂 soon!!!!! I love you guys thanks for having my back. I’m not ashamed of my disease, i’m blessed to want to make myself better.” on her official Twitter.

However the tweet no longer exists, no word as to why it was removed. Wishing a speedy recovery to Skyler Moon and hope she is able to return to the WWE/NXT ring as soon as possible.


Possible update on Raquel Diaz’s future…

After Shaul Guerrero (Raquel Diaz) wrote the following on Twitter: “Thank you all for your love and support, WWE has been one of the highlights of my life. I learned so much and consider them family.” it seemed like it was yet another NXT Diva’s chapter closed too soon.

However, Guerrero has been blowing up dirt sheet headlines all week with various topics about her possible WWE future.

The most recent ones being that she is still employed with the WWE, and has just left the developmental territory. The rumors state that Shaul Guerrero might just need a break from everything, and WWE officials are hoping to get her back asap. Which would be a positive for anyone who has watched her character transform into something the Divas division hasn’t seen lately.

Although that is a positive rumor, there are some that may not be so pleasing. Some dirt sheets have also reported that Shaul is planning to go back to school.

Either way this is surely not the last time we hear Shaul Guerrero (Raquel Diaz’s) name in the dirt sheets.

Update on Beth Phoenix – leaving WWE reports

Dirt sheets are now reporting that Beth Phoenix might be taking a simple break from the ring.

Everyone knows that Phoenix is dating WWE HOF’r Edge for well over 1 year – and he is scheduled for neck surgery this November.

The reports go one to say that Phoenix will return to the WWE, after helping Edge out.

For those who are unaware, rumors that Beth Phoenix is set to leave WWE in October have been out since late August.

Fans in New York however sent in conversations they had after the show with ‘The Glamazon’ herself, stating that she has no plans to retire or leave any time soon.

BREAKING NEWS: Kelly Kelly released

New Twitter Photo: “Vintage Barbie sneak peek😊”

WWE has just announced the release of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

Kelly has been in the WWE since 2006, competing for ECW, Smackdown, Raw, Superstars and the 3rd season of NXT.

She finally accomplished her 5 year goal of becoming WWE Divas Champion in 2011 after defeating Brie Bella.

Ever since May 2012, Kelly has been going off of WWE’s radar – accepting modeling and promotion gigs under her real name. However a 5 year contract extension was rumored to be put on the table for both parties.

This morning rumors came out that Vince McMahon/WWE was not pleased about taking gigs under her real name, and her recent shoot with Timberland that was not booked through them.

It is believed that Kelly Kelly has asked for her release from the WWE. Wishing Kelly the best in all her future plans!, from what I hear there is a bright future for this young talent.

Update on Skyler Moon…

Skyler Moon, formally known as Buggy Nova has been off social media for several weeks since her profile was removed from NXT’s official website.

Despite the fact that profile removal usually results in release, Skyler Moon has mentioned on multiple occasions that is not her case – and that she is still under WWE contract.

A rumor ciculated early yesterday morning that the bizarre Diva has checked into WWE sponsored rehab for an unknown substance abuse problem.

I wish Skyler Moon nothing but the best wishes and hope that she is able to overcome her problems, if this rumor is indeed true.

BREAKING NEWS: Raquel Diaz released

Raquel Diaz’s profile was removed from NXT’s official website early yesterday morning, which usually signifies a release.

However fans did not want to believe this right away because a heel blonde was revealed as the attacker from NOC. Brad Maddox was removed from the website and promoted to the main roster as a referee, so the idea wasn’t that far fetched.

Today WWE star Vickie Guerrero, the mother of Raquel Diaz, has confirmed that her daughter has indeed been granted a release from the company. Vickie also wrote that Diaz asked for her release due to a personal issue.

Sending the best wishes to Raquel Diaz in whatever her personal problem is, and hope that maybe one day the exfoliating ugliness tour will take a second go.

Update on Beth Phoenix possibly retiring ….

As you all know there has been recent reports about Beth Phoenix possibly leaving the WWE this October.

The reports that came out later range from Beth is leaving to attempt acting -to-  wanting to start a family with her WWE HOFer Boyfriend Edge.


For the fellow WWE Universe members who have their fingers crossed that this is just a silly false rumor, there might be hope after all.

Fans who met The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix after Monday Night RAW have sent in reports, that Phoenix has no intention on retiring or leaving any time soon.