Which release bothers you the most?!

So far this year we have seen multiple Divas and Knockouts quit or are released from their companies. Many shocked and saddend the wrestling world.

1st, early April the WWE Universe was saddend by the release of could be future Diva star Maxine, it was said Maxine was not liking her spot on the roser. In a recent interview Maxine said she felt like she was backpedaling after being on NXT Redemption for over a year.

2nd, late May the WWE Universe felt double shocked when the Bella Twins Nikki and Brie did not resign a contract, leading to their release from the company. In a recent interview The Bellas expressed how they were tired from being on the road so many years straight, on the plus side they have been hinting a possible return.

3rd, late June the TNA zone was saddend when Angelina Love tweeted that she had been released from Impact Wrestling. No real reason to why she asked for her release was given, only that Impact did not fight to keep her under contract.

4th, July the TNA zone was once again shocked as Velvet Sky was released from her contract. It was said that Velvet was not happy with contract negotiations and on the other hand it was said that Dixie did not give the final statment on her contract. As of recently it has been rumored that Dixie has been reaching out to Velvet on a new contract.

5th, also in July, Kharma was rumored to be on contract, off contract and then released. It was confirmed on her twitter that she was indeed released from her contract, but on a plus side she said she and WWE are willing to work with eachother in the future. As of recently there has been rumors WWE has sent Kharma down to FCW now NXT to work on herself before a return.

6th, August, the NXT universe was shocked and saddend when future Diva star Sofia Cortez was released from her contract. After showing promise on Tough Enough, Sofia was signed to a contract but after 2 matchs on NXT her WWE time was cut short. It was rumored that Sofia had an anger problem backstage, and believed that she deserved to be on the main roster – a rumor that she soon said was false.

7th, also in August, the NXT universe was shocked and saddend again when future Diva star Caylee Turner was released from her contract. After winning the FCW Divas Championship, she was not in any FCW houseshow matchs but finally got her time to shine in tag team action on NXT. After 1 match on NXT her WWE time was cut short, the problem with this release is it has yet to be confirmed by Caylee. Everyone assumes she has been released due to her profile not exsiting on NXT’s official website, and how she was removed alongside Cortez in the NXT opening promo. Caylee Turner appeared alongside Sofia Cortez in WWE’s recent season of Tough Enough, where Sofia placed 6th and Caylee placed 4th.

Tara speaks on RAW’s 2000th episode….

Although a mysterious tweet lead many to believe TNA Knockout Tara aka former WWE Diva Victoria was backstage at RAW’s 1000th episode.


She tweeted the following to let everyone know the truth “And no, I didn’t go to @WWE #RAW1000 but I haven’t ruled out #RAW2000. For now, you can see me this Thursday night on @IMPACTWRESTLING


It seems like Tara might have one more RAW moment up her sleeve…we’ll just have to wait for 1000 more episodes of RAW to find out.

False rumors sends Rowdy Roddy Piper to Twitter rant….

imageAfter a rumor spread around the internet that WWE HOF’r Rowdy Roddy Piper said something to WWE Diva Kaitlyn ‘uncomfortable’, the HOF Superstar decided to go on a rant. Rowdy Roddy Piper set out to tell Twitter world that the rumor is FALSE.


Roddy Piper tweeted the following about the said rumor: “I let most lies about me go unchallenged. NOT THIS TIME! I have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP with all the DIVAS and WRESTLERS at WWE!”

He then went to add his thought on Kaitlyn, along with his final arguments on the false rumor.

“As far as @KaitlynWWE I she she’s wonderful. I’m not letting this go. I am a gentleman with all! I don’t know what I’m accused of?”“I hate bullies and Men that are not Pro’s and don’t treat all others with respect. @KaitlynWWE is a wonderful laddy! U Picked the wrong guy!” –  @KaitlynWWE. I Love ya & am sorry for who ever did this to U and I. Don’t you worry. Me..I’M GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN! Nite Sweet Heart! Rod”


along with that he also challenged the person who started the rumor – saying “BRING IT ON!  IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!! ROD-POD’s RAW 1000 report! Aug.2nd have the BALLS TO SAY IT TO MY FACE. I’M LOOKING FOR U NOW!”

Tara at RAW’s 1000th episode??

Although TNA Knockout Tara tweeted she will not be at RAW’s 1000th episode (tonight), but the #GhostOfVictoria will be.

She accidently tweeted a private tweet as public and all her followers saw the following message sent to fellow Knockout Brooke Tessmacher:

“Just landed in St. Louis. Call you from car”

It wouldn’t be as suspicious if it was anywhere else, but, RAW’s 1000th episode is infact in St. Louis.

The tweet was soon deleted – if Tara is infact backstage at RAW 1000, she will probably not be on air.

Tara is currently under contract with WWE’s “rival” company Impact Wrestling and has been since leaving WWE in 2009.

Trish Stratus/ Lita and Mae Young at RAW 1000???

Dirtsheets are reporting that legendary Diva Trish Stratus will NOT be appearing at tonights historic 1000th episode of RAW. In the report it says due to prior yoga commitments. *UPDATE* Trish Stratus DID appear on RAW1000 redoing her infamous yoga session with HHH gone wrong.

On the other hand, Lita – was spotted last night checking into a St. Louis hotel and IS backstage at tonights RAW. No word if she will air or if she is just visiting friends and rumored boyfriend WWE Champion CM Punk. Some fans are hoping to see Trish Stratus and Lita square off one more time while others are hoping for a AJ/Lita confrontation.

Legendary Diva Mae Young (who is 89 years old) was also spotted last night WILL be shown on air.

Michelle McCool at RAW 1000??

Fans at the St. Louis airport have claimed to see WWE Superstar Undertaker and his Wife former WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

It is unknown wheither McCool (multi time Womens and Divas Champion) will be appearing on air or if she is just visiting friends backstage

Michelle, was 1 half of the Diva duo LayCool – with current WWE Divas Champion Layla.

Fans are excited about the news and are hoping that if she appears on air, it will be some sort of LayCool reunion.

Madusa wants 1 more match??

If you follow Madusa aka Alundra Blayze on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know she wants to face the Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

She has appeared at WWE shows tweeting about Phoenix’s performance, and even at one time offered to put the original Womens Championship (that she still has) on the line if Beth Phoenix was not afraid to face her.

She recently took to Twitter about wanting to return to WWE, for its 1000th episode of RAW. She tweeted multiple opponents that she’d like to face for 1 more match in the squared circle.

In response that she should face “The One Man Band” Heath Slater on the 1000th episode, she responded: “that’s some funny shit!”

She retweeted the following tweets: “MADUSA VS LAYLA ON 1,000TH RAW and MADUSA becomes a new divas champion” and “I’m going to be there LIVE and I’d mark out if she was there. Her vs Beth would be match of the night.”

She also implied on Twitter that she would also take a match with legendary Diva Trish Stratus. — It has not been confirmed if Madusa will be appearing on RAW1000.