Rosita gone from TNA?……

1/2 of the former Knockout tag champions Rosita could be on her way out from Impact Wrestling (TNA). According to people her profile has been removed from the website, usually signaling a release from a company.

Impact’s website is currently down for an unknown reason at the time, so they could be fixing errors. People have saw on her official twitter that Rosita has also removed TNA Knockout from her bio.

If Rosita is in fact released she will be following – Winter, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love who were all released just in the last 2 months.


Rosita is a young addition to the roster, holding the TNA Knockout tag titles with tag partner Sarita. Both ladies competed alongside Anarquia and Hernandez as Mexican America, until Anarquia was released from the company. Hernandez has went on to team with Chavo Guerrero, and Rosita/Sarita have not been seen since around April.

Hopefully Impact or Rosita will inform the fans on this soon – It would be a huge mistake for Impact to let such a talented young star go through their grasp.

Winter gone from TNA…..

Well it seems like Winter has came and gone from another company.

If you recall, Winter was previously Katie Lea who was released from WWE after not being used on tv. When she stepped foot in Impact Wrestling (TNA) everyone was pleased to see her pushed to the front of the division. After 2 Knockout title wins and 1 Knockout Tag title win, Winter was thrown to the back of the pack…. not appearing on tv since April.

Winter was signed on to an indy ippv B.L.O.W, which is against TNA’s contract rules – which states that Impact stars can compete in indy shows as long as they don’t appear on ppvs’. To top this off Winter has been making a killing on the indies scene, becoming womens champion in multiple promotions.

Sadly enough, Winter’s TNA Contract ended yesterday (September 5th) and was not resigned to a new contract. No word on if it was Winter or Impact that decided not to resign the contract. Either way it is extremely upsetting that Impact dropped the ball with yet another Knockout, Winter is a great female talent that seems to be disrespected by every ‘large’ promotion she signs too. With that being said Winter is doing amazing on the indy scene, check her out wherever you can find her.

Winter is the 3rd Knockout to leave Impact Wrestling (TNA) since August. Winter’s tag partner Angelina Love asked for her release from the company – soon after Love’s former tag partner Velvet Sky opted not to resign to a new contract – and now Winter was not signed to a new contract. YIKES!

Another Knockout on her way out?…..

One rule Impact Wrestling has with it’s roster is, you can appear at any indy show….just as long as it’s not on ppv.

Many Impact fans figured Velvet Sky was on her way out after being announced for an indy ippv show. This is no different, for fans of Winter – are holding on to hope that this is a different case.

Winter is scheduled for B.L.O.W ippv on October 11th, which would be in violation of her Impact contract. After this news was broke many fans have a feeling Winter might have been the 2nd (well 3rd) Knockout to ask the company for a release.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Angelina Love and Vevlet Sky just recently were released from the company.

Winter, 2x Knockouts Champion and 1x Knockout Tag Champion has been off tv since April 6th. It is said ever since Bruce Prichard took over creative, Winter has disapeared from Impact completly.

She has been competing all over the indy circut, most recenty holding the FCW Championship for an impressive number of months.

BREAKING NEWS: Velvet Sky is done with IMPACT…

Velvet Sky posted on Twitter the following statments after a wildfire of rumors started that she asked for her release and did not sign a new contract:

“I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though..” – and “And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove “

Velvet Sky’s best friend and long time tag partner, Angelina Love – asked for her release earlier this month.

Sky has been off Impact shows for almost 2 months prior to her release, where as Love was off for almost 4.

Velvet Sky is only the 2nd Knockout to ask for her release, but as some dirtsheets reported earlier this month there was 2 Knockouts who were thinking about asking for their release…

BREAKING NEWS: Velvet Sky released from TNA???

 Rumors circulated yesterday that Velvet Sky’s contract was set to expire, and at the moment their was no new one being resigned. While some stars were told to restructure their contracts, Sky was rumored to not be happy with the negotiations.

Today Impact Wrestling updated their site ( by removing Velvet Sky’s profile from Active roster and Women’s section.


Velvet Sky leaving TNA would be a huge blow, due to the fact most promotional work for the company has her face on it – most recently becoming the main role in a music video.

Sky’s tag team partner, Angelina Love, left the company earlier this month.

**UPDATE** Velvet Sky’s profile has been re-added to Impact’s official site, under the Active roster.

Update on TNA’s expiring contracts…

It is being said that a major dispute within the company is that – Bruce Prichard (head of TNA talent relations) is asking talent to ‘restructure’ their contracts.

Many Superstars who have been ‘due for raises’ and have time on their contracts, have also been asked to restructure.

It is being said that Superstars have been presented a ‘take it or leave it’ option when it comes to their contacts. This however is not the case for Knockout Velvet Sky (her contract is just expiring).

Velvet Sky has ‘told’ friends that she is not happy with negotiations, and if the two cannot work out a deal – she will be leaving the company.

^ Interesting note on Velvet Sky, multiple times on Twitter has replied to fans that she and boyfriend Chris Sabin are incredibly happy at TNA and are staying.

Velvet Sky done with Impact???

Her tag team partner and long time friend Angelina Love recently asked for a release from Impact Wrestling just a couple of weeks ago. The question on everyone’s mind is – is Velvet Sky leaving next?

Ever since it became public that Sky’s contract is almost up and a new one has yet to be resigned.

Velvet Sky was one of the original knockouts when Impact launched the Knockouts division in 2007. Many recognize Sky as the promotional face behind Impact Wrestling – gracing magazines, tv shows and music videos to promote the company.

She is a former Knockout Tag Team Champion and Knockout Champion.