Former NXT Divas compete in TNA tryouts

Former Tough Enough Contestants and WWE NXT Divas Ivelisse Velez (Sofia Cortez) and Christina Crawford (Caylee Turner) competed in TNA tryout matchs earlier this month.

Ivelisse tried out against TNA Knockouts Champion Tara – who replied with : “She did very well. We’ll see what they [TNA management] say” in an exclusive Diva Dirt interview.

Christina tried out against TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion ODB – in what Tara commented on saying : “Great match with @TheODBBAM and @wwecayleeturner . Yayyyy!”

As you may remember last month former WWE Diva Jillian Hall competed in a TNA tryout match against Tara but has yet to be signed.

My Thoughts: crossing fingers all 3 are signed, they’d be great additions!


Wedding Impossible Recap: { Meet the Irvines }

The wedding between Gail Kim and Robert Irvine aired August 18th on the Food Network Channel.

The first half of the episode showed TNA Knockout Gail Kim and Chef Robert Irvine talking about how they met on the WWE edition of Resturant Impossible. If you don’t remember WWE invaded Resurant Impossible one year bringing in Santino Marella, The Miz and Gail Kim to help cook for an important WWE event.

In the commentary parts Gail said Robert was going to do all the planning so that she can relax before the wedding, and he is used to all the stress.

Throughout the episode, it showed Robert going through a series of preperations for the wedding. Gail felt since she didn’t have to help plan the wedding, she could at least make a wedding party.

During the wedding party, Gail invited tons of their close friends and family to a suprise party for Robert. Once it was time for her big reveal of the night, she told Robert to turn around – only to reveal his sister who he hasn’t seen in over 10 years. Robert started to cry right away out of shear happiness, Gail on the other hand was pleased that she proved him wrong and was able to suprise him.

At one point Gail Kim was showed at the Impact Zone talking to Christy Hemme about how calm she is heading into her wedding day.

WEDDING DAY!! Gail was shown getting pictures taken in her wedding dresses, when Roberts’ daughters walk in. Gail hands them both a gift – that reveals matching 3 heart necklaces that she says represents them (that they are 2 hearts and she is hooked in the middle). The girls put on the necklaces and it is time for the wedding of the century….literally it seemed like it.

Throughout the wedding week we saw mini clips of TNA Knockout Tara and Christy Hemme – WWE Divas Natalya, Beth Phoenix (not seen on camera but was there) and Alicia Fox. I personally wish they would have show Gail interacting with her wrestling friends more while Robert was planning the wedding.

A horse and carriage…. yes everyone there was one of those. Robert said he wanted to make the wedding perfect, so he ordered a horse and carriage to take Gail to the wedding site. Once Gail got out she walked with her mother to the groom.

After exchanging their vows, Roberts daughters got up and sang a little song that once again brought Robert to tears.

Onto the wedding reception, which once again was out of the world – huge room filled with their closest friends and family – dangling lights etc. The food on the menu was everything from sushi, filled chips, cupcakes …. you name it, it was probably there. The show ended with everyone dancing the night away.

Gail Kim’s wedding to air…..

The wedding between Gail Kim and Chef Robert Irvine will be airing on August 18th at 10pm.

It will show the preperation of the wedding – in which Irvine said he planned the entire thing, and Kim knew nothing.

Recently the Wedding between Irvine and Kim was featured in the Food Network Magazine (see left), which is no suprise because Irvine hosts many shows on the network.

Notable guests at the wedding were WWE Diva Alicia Fox (also Natalya and Beth Phoenix may have been guests) and TNA Knockout Tara (as well as multiple former Divas).

It is being called Wedding Impossible!

Tara speaks on RAW’s 2000th episode….

Although a mysterious tweet lead many to believe TNA Knockout Tara aka former WWE Diva Victoria was backstage at RAW’s 1000th episode.


She tweeted the following to let everyone know the truth “And no, I didn’t go to @WWE #RAW1000 but I haven’t ruled out #RAW2000. For now, you can see me this Thursday night on @IMPACTWRESTLING


It seems like Tara might have one more RAW moment up her sleeve…we’ll just have to wait for 1000 more episodes of RAW to find out.

Tara at RAW’s 1000th episode??

Although TNA Knockout Tara tweeted she will not be at RAW’s 1000th episode (tonight), but the #GhostOfVictoria will be.

She accidently tweeted a private tweet as public and all her followers saw the following message sent to fellow Knockout Brooke Tessmacher:

“Just landed in St. Louis. Call you from car”

It wouldn’t be as suspicious if it was anywhere else, but, RAW’s 1000th episode is infact in St. Louis.

The tweet was soon deleted – if Tara is infact backstage at RAW 1000, she will probably not be on air.

Tara is currently under contract with WWE’s “rival” company Impact Wrestling and has been since leaving WWE in 2009.