Former NXT Divas compete in TNA tryouts

Former Tough Enough Contestants and WWE NXT Divas Ivelisse Velez (Sofia Cortez) and Christina Crawford (Caylee Turner) competed in TNA tryout matchs earlier this month.

Ivelisse tried out against TNA Knockouts Champion Tara – who replied with : “She did very well. We’ll see what they [TNA management] say” in an exclusive Diva Dirt interview.

Christina tried out against TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion ODB – in what Tara commented on saying : “Great match with @TheODBBAM and @wwecayleeturner . Yayyyy!”

As you may remember last month former WWE Diva Jillian Hall competed in a TNA tryout match against Tara but has yet to be signed.

My Thoughts: crossing fingers all 3 are signed, they’d be great additions!

Reported reason behind Caylee Turner’s release?….

The last ever FCW Divas Champion and younger sister to WWE Diva Alicia Fox – Caylee Turner was shockingly released at the beginning of the month along with fellow Tough Enough/NXT Diva Sofia Cortez.


She never confirmed or issued a statment on the issue but like usual, the dirt sheets have reported possible reasoning behind it.


The dirtsheets are now reporting that Turner’s contract was terminated (released) because she did not have much of a work ethic and always complained about being hurt.


Now once again Caylee Turner has not issued a statment on her release, but Sofia Cortez stated that the Dirtsheets had the wrong reasoning behind her release, i’d take this with the same thoughts.

Skyler Moon removed from NXT website??…

Fans checked the official NXT website this morning and saw Skyler Moon’s profile was removed from the Diva section.

After Tough Enough contesants turned FCW/NXT Divas Sofia Cortez and Caylee Turner were released this past week, the Diva fans were not ready to say goodbye to another Diva.

Skyler Moon, formally known as Natalie and Buggy Nova just recently debuted a couple of months ago, and it was a shock to some when they saw her profile was removed.

**UPDATE** Skyler Moon tweeted the following about her profile removal: “I was not released!!! My profile is under construction :)”

BREAKING NEWS: NXT Diva Caylee Turner released?….

Caylee Turner (real name Christina Crawford) has been MIA from NXT in recent tapings and her profile was not added to FCW’s upgraded NXT website yesterday. However it was not added, her profile was still available via url link that was until yesterday morning.

Yesterday her profile was removed and all that remained was a 404 error page, signaling it was deleted. If that was not enough Sofia Cortez (who announced Sunday she was let go by WWE) and Caylee Turner were removed from NXT’s opening promo.

Caylee Turner was released back in 2010 by WWE, which resulted in her competing in WWE’s Tough Enough competition (alongside Cortez), in which she placed 4th. Turner was quickly signed back to a contract after the season finale.

Turner is the younger sister of Alicia Fox, and has said on multiple occasions that she has wanted to be a Diva since she was younger. She said she wanted to join but was too young to tryout. If Caylee was indeed released she joins the long list of WWE Diva talents that have been let go or have quit the company. As of recently she would join the ranks of fellow NXT Diva and Tough Enough alumni Sofia Cortez and AW, who both believe they were s*crewed by WWE and unfairly fired/released.

Caylee Turner has yet to make a statment on wheither she has been released, but it’s not looking good.

Ivelisse responds to release rumors….

imageThis morning rumors spread about Ivelisse’s release from the WWE saying she had a ‘bad attitude’ and thought she belonged on the main roster.

Ivelisse/Sofia stated late today the following statments on said reports: “It amazes me & breaks my ❤ to have people says lies about me. Im 1 of the most humble person you’ll ever meet. I & my people know #DaTruth

she continued saying: “So for the record: #No I DONT have an attitude or ego problem. #No Im NOT going to go on a rant & bad mouth @WWE . But #Yes I got screwed. Regardless though.. I am still endlessly grateful for all opportunities trusted upon me by @WWE during my time there. #CaseClosed

Later retweeting multiple fans who want WWE to resign her and believe her release was unfair and should not have happened. Most recently she began retweeting fans who said her ‘bad attitude’ was all character, which is similar to that of ‘The Showoff’ Dolph Ziggler’s. Even retweeting on fan who said Rock, CM Punk and Chris Jericho must have bad attitudes too (stating characters who have played an ego role).

Ivelisse said she will not rant or shoot at WWE, – unlike what former WWE Star AW did yesterday morning.

Possible reason for FCW Diva release….


After yesterdays shocking news of Sofia Cortez’s release (Ivelisse Velez on Tough Enough) was announced on her Twitter, it was now time to guess why it happened.


Today, Dirtsheets are reporting that Sofia had a bad attitude backstage. Even though she recieve great match reviews, the stories say she believed she was better than what the trainers thought.


The story ends by saying Ivelisse/Sofia made ‘noise’ about how she should be working on WWE’s main roster.

BREAKING NEWS: Sofia Cortez released from WWE…

Sofia Cortez shocked the Twitter world when she posted the following tweet: “I, as well, have been released by WWE. Sorry my #Soljas….”. This send out mixed emotions from the WWE Universe – anger, saddness and most fans became frantic.


Sofia became a star on the indy scene but shot to stardom when she appeared on WWE Tough Enough (as Ivelisse Velvez). Despite Velez being eliminated, she was signed to a WWE contract – soon debuting to FCW tv.


Recently Cortez wrestled on WWE NXT against Paige, Natalya and in an upcoming episode Tamina Snuka.


No matter where Sofia goes next one thing is forsure, she will shine bright and succeed. I, as well, as rest of her fans hope that she will return to the WWE where she belongs soon enough!