Rosita re-added to Impact’s roster…..

Rosita was removed from the Impact Wrestling roster late last week, which caused all the Impact fans to believe that the young Knockout had been released from the company.


It seems as if it may been a glitch in the website, earlier this week Rosita was re-added to the roster page.


However, Winter and Mark Haskins were removed from the roster page.

Rosita gone from TNA?……

1/2 of the former Knockout tag champions Rosita could be on her way out from Impact Wrestling (TNA). According to people her profile has been removed from the website, usually signaling a release from a company.

Impact’s website is currently down for an unknown reason at the time, so they could be fixing errors. People have saw on her official twitter that Rosita has also removed TNA Knockout from her bio.

If Rosita is in fact released she will be following – Winter, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love who were all released just in the last 2 months.


Rosita is a young addition to the roster, holding the TNA Knockout tag titles with tag partner Sarita. Both ladies competed alongside Anarquia and Hernandez as Mexican America, until Anarquia was released from the company. Hernandez has went on to team with Chavo Guerrero, and Rosita/Sarita have not been seen since around April.

Hopefully Impact or Rosita will inform the fans on this soon – It would be a huge mistake for Impact to let such a talented young star go through their grasp.

Rosita gets movie role….

TNA Knockout Rosita- is making her movie debut in ‘Self Storage’ along with wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer.

Producers of the movie are hoping for a March 2013 release date.


Rosita and her tag partner Sarita (along with fellow Knockout Winter) have not been seen on Impact tv for many months, and has been writing @impactwrestling every Thursday that she hopes to return soon.

Fans of Rosita are hoping that this movie role will get her back on Impact and used properly.