Rosa Mendes, ‘too hot’ for Saturday WWE show…..

This past week on WWE’s “Saturday Morning Slam” there was tag team action Epico and Primo vs Kofi Kingston and R Truth. One person was missing, the one and only Rosa Mendes.

Rumors have now surfaced saying that Rosa Mendes is not allowed to appear on the new WWE program because it is rated “G” and is for young children.

The report goes on to state that Rosa is too “risque” for the show, and that no headlocks or finishers towards the head are allowed either.


Rosa Mendes replaces Beth Phoenix on Australia tour…

Beth Phoenix, who is out due to a death in her family – was removed from WWE’s annual Australian tour where she was scheduled to face Divas Champion Layla.

Similar to what happened in Brazil, where Beth Phoenix filled in for Rosa Mendes to take on Kelly Kelly – there was a flip in scheduled matchs.

As you can tell from the title Rosa Mendes, who has been appearing as Epico and Primo’s manager recently filled in for the Glamazon to take on Divas Champion Layla. In a recent interview Mendes said she would love a Divas Championship reign, so I guess if there was any place to prove her worth it would be here… in Australia.

The 2 matchs in Brisbane and Sydney had mixed reviews (due to conflicting reports) but was said to be good with a few minor spots.

More sad news about Rosa Mendes…

We all wanted Rosa Mendes’s sad news to end but, it seems like it was just the beginning.

After TMZ reported yesterday that Rosa Mendes was a victim of domesic abuse, by her fiancee former WWE Superstar Jackson Andrews, everyone in the WWE Universe and TMZ Universe wanted her bad luck to end.

This morning TMZ reported that another woman named Amber Stovall, claimed that she was also engaged to Rosa’s fiancee.

She said that she was with him for over 4 years, living in Texas – and that Andrews planned to fly her out to Las Vegas (where he lived with Mendes). It is believed that he invited Stovall to Vegas, because Mendes was flying out to Texas for work. She said he flew her out to Vegas, to make arrangments for him to move to Texas at the end of August.

Stovall said she did not know about his double life with Rosa and she is betrayed (imagine how Rosa feels lady geez). Stovall also says Andrews was never violent towards her, infact she says he never even raised his voice (hard to believe).

TMZ also reports that since finding out her fiancee, had another fiancee in Rosa Mendes – she had broken off their engagment.

I pray that Rosa Mendes gets the help she needs to cope with this tramatic and unneeded event, has enough strength (seems she does) to leave him and never go back. Rosa deserves WAY better.

BREAKING NEWS: Rosa Mendes victim of Domestic Abuse…

Despite previous rumors that Rosa Mendes had been arrested spreading throughout the web earlier this morning THEY ARE FALSE. TMZ has reported what seems to be the true story.

TMZ posted this morning that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes was actually the victim of Domestic abuse. The report states that Mendes was involved in an altercation with her fiance and former WWE Superstar Jackson Andrews.

The report says a concerned woman saw Mendes crying in the bathroom and went to get help. When police got to her, she claimed that the altercation happened at her home in Las Vegas, prior to her San Antonio flight to RAW later that night.

TMZ states Mendes told the police, she is afraid “Andrews” will try to kill her. Police took photos of bruises and scratchs on her body and filed a report.

According to TMZ, the following statment was sent by WWE about the issue: “Milena Roucka contacted a WWE Talent Relations representative this morning to notify WWE that, upon her arrival in San Antonio last evening, she contacted police at the airport to report alleged domestic abuse that occurred just prior to her flight. WWE is supportive of Rosa and will provide her with professional assistance.”

Rosa Mendes was personally taken to her Texas hotel via police car- which is how the false reports about her being arrested started. TMZ article did state that Rosa attempted to drown her sorrows with alcohol after the altercation but WAS NOT stumbling over her own feet like reported by fans.

My personal thoughts: I hope Rosa Mendes is strong enough (as it seems she is) to leave him and never return. Any sick man who puts his hands on a woman they “love” is not really a man at all. I hope Rosa presses charges and “Jackson Andrews” goes where he belongs, the slammer where the inmates will show him that beating up on woman and children is a sick and intolerable action. Any “man” who hits a woman needs help but mostly needs locked away…ITS DISCUSTING <- my personal thoughts.

BREAKING NEWS: Rosa Mendes arrested?….

According to 2 fans at the San Antonio airport late last night/early this morning, Rosa Mendes was arrested.

The fans claim Rosa was so drunk that she could not stand up, and police at the airport took her into a room for questioning.

The fans later tweeted that the police took Mendes out to a cop car and drove away.

They assumed that she was arrested for public intoixcation.


Divas segments CUT from broadcasts ???

Superstars broadcast on was suppose to feature Divas Champion Layla vs Natalya. With fans super pumped about their Champion and Divas in general being featured, they were ready to tune in…. only to be dissapointed. The Divas match was cut from the stream, leaving Diva fan’s matchless this past week.


Then if your a Rosa Mendes or Prime Time Player fan you were super stoked to find out that their was a backstage segment. Where Rosa’s photoshoot was interupted by the PTP’s – who attempted their own photoshoot.

When Diva fans tuned into Smackdown on SYFY…. they were once again dissapointed, as this segment was cut from broadcast as well.

BUT WWE added the cut Smackdown segment to as an Exclusive video.


> This is not the first time in the past weeks Divas have been cut, last weeks Superstars which featured Divas Champion Layla and US Champion Santino Marella vs Aksana and Antonio Cesaro was cut.  Also a rumored Kelly Kelly segment (not taped) was cut from the RAW 1000 broadcast schedule. The past week on WWE programming NO Divas had aired matches.



TOP 11: FCW Diva matches….

Now that FCW tv tapings have come to a close, and the stars are now on WWE NXT programming – lets take a look back at some of the jaw dropping matches in FCW.

#11 – October 9th, 2011 – Naomi took on FCW newcomer Leah West. Leah put up a hard fight against former FCW Divas champion Naomi. Naomi was able to pick up the victory, sadly for Leah – this was her last match in FCW.

#10 – July 31st, 2011  – Naomi took on Sonia w/ Audrey Marie at ringside. Sonia, also a FCW newcomer at the time, was no match for Naomi it seemed. Within a short time Naomi was able to pick up the victory.

#9-  April 3rd, 2012 – Triple threat Divas championship match, the champion Raquel Diaz taking on Sofia Cortez and Audrey Marie. This was the first of many triple threat matchs under Diaz’s championship reign. Cortez, recently debuted before this match and Audrey had just lost her championship which made them want to impress while Raquel just wanted to hold onto her prized possession.

#8- September 25th, 2011 – Audrey Marie vs Aksana for the FCW Divas Championship. Audrey had 2 victories over Aksana the weeks prior, and Aksana was set out to prove those were flukes. While Aksana went for a spine buster, Audrey was able to roll through, get the victory and win her first FCW Divas Championship.

#7-  January 16th, 2011 – Rosa Mendes took on Kaitlyn. Rosa, was brought back to FCW to ‘regain’ the Queen of FCW crown that she desired. While Kaitlyn was a standout and winner of NXT’s season 3. These two clased in a battle of strength and fire. Kaitlyn picked up the victory with her new finisher the flatliner.

#6- January 15th, 2012 – Caylee Turner took on Audrey Marie for the FCW Divas Championship. Turner was a standout on WWE’s Tough Enough series, while Audrey Marie was doing a great job defending her Championship gold. In a match full of outwitting, Audrey was able to come out on top with a victory.

#5- June 10th, 2012 – Audrey Marie took on Paige w/ Sofia Cortez at ringside. The two were named possible contenders for the Divas championship the previous week by GM Summer Rae. While Marie was going for a roll up, Sofia made sure Paige was loosing this match – removing her hand from the ropes. Giving Audrey the win and a future shot at Raquel’s Divas Championship.

#4-  May 27th, 2012  – Raquel Diaz took on Paige w/ Sofia Cortez at ringside. The two generation Divas battled it out for the FCW Divas Championship. Although a miscue by Sofia lead to a chair being thrown in the ring – Raquel in typical Guerrero fashion played possum while Paige caught the chair. Leading to a DQ and Raquel retaining the championship.

#3-  March 13th, 2011 – Rosa Mendes took on Aksana for the Queen of FCW crown. The whole point of Rosa’s FCW return was for her to capture the crown and Aksana was standing in her way. To anyone who says Rosa can’t wrestle… they need to watch this match. In a battle of strength and power – these Divas showed that the crown was just as important as the Divas Championship. Rosa Mendes finally picks up the victory and wins her first ‘title’!

#2- July 15th, 2012 – Audrey Marie vs Paige in the first ever FCW Divas NO DQ match. For the last couple of weeks of FCWtv these two Divas have fought to pinfalls, dq’s until they made FCW history books. In a back and forth battle, the ref couldn’t stop these two from hurting eachother. Paige attempted to use a chair to no evail, Audrey ended up planting a huge ddt out of nowhere to secure the victory over her foe.

#1- Moment in FCW –  Naomi def. Serena to become the first ever FCW Divas Champion. Following a long tournament featuring all of FCW’s Divas, Naomi stood tall the new Divas Champion.