The Bella Twins returning to WWE???


In a Maxim interview, the Bella Twin’s  hinted that they might be heading back to the squared circle.

While asked what they have and will be doing since leaving the ring, they replied We’ve been keeping busy! In August you can see us onRidiculousness on MTV, and in September we’ll be sharing some thoughts about Tim Tebow on the NFL Network. But honestly, the WWE is a huge family, and we look forward to going back”

Many fans were shocked that The Bellas left WWE, after they did not resign a new contract this April. With the Bella Army still on their side, The Bellas still have the support needed to make a splash in the WWE ring!

‘The Bella Twins’ Nicole and Bri heading to RAW 1000?

Everyone knew that RAW 1000 was going to be crazy, full of suprises and former stars….. maybe The Bella Twins?!

Nicole and Bri, the twin Divas formally known as The Bella Twins have been hinting on multiple occasions that they might be at next weeks RAW, which happens to be the historic 1000th episode.

So does this mean @Kharma that we can hug and make up?? 😳 We promise to be nice! 😏 Or…….. #BellasvsKharma 👯

Maybe Nicole & I should crash AJ & Bryan’s wedding… But wait… He is in my bed every night 😮 haha Bri xxoo #RAW#WWE

(Retweeted @PicklesGomez_xo):” It would be awesome if @RealMelina and @nicoleandbri returned for #1000raw

Although most former stars hint returns at big events, WWE was rumored to kept the offer to extend The Bella’s contract on the table all the way until their final hours, when they opted to not resign. It was also rumored that The Bellas left on great terms and have the option to return if they’d like to.

The reason Nicole and Bri ‘The Bellas” decided to leave the WWE was due to them both being exchausted from the road and travel. Kharma is still being rumored to return at RAW 1000 dispite contradicting reports that she has been released and won’t be appearing. Nicole and Bri have spoke out multiple times on their disapointment that they did not get to finish what they started with Kharma before they left WWE, some believe the WWE Universe might be getting what they’ve wanted… The Bella Twins back, Kharma returning, and the match the Universe was waiting for Bellas vs Kharma!?? Only time will tell.

Del Rey to fix WWE’s Diva problems….

Dirt sheets believe that Sara Del Rey was signed to help WWE with their problem of ‘model’ Divas quitting the company. In the past year multiple Divas have left due to frustrations with the way Divas are treated and how they themeselves are treated.

Last year it made waves when model turned Diva Maryse left the company. Maryse was offered a 5 year extension to her contract but refused to sign it, due to her feeling Diva restraints and multiple injuries she recieved throughout her career. She was employed from 2006-2011 and is now starting her own fashion line ‘House of Maryse’/ still modeling on the side.

April 2012, The Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) another set of ‘models’ turned Divas left the company. The Bellas were given the opportunity to sign an extension to their contracts but refused due to them being ‘tired and exhausted from the road’. They were employed from 2008-2012 and have multiple projects including a NFL project this season.

June 2012, Maxine another model/actress turned Diva left the company. Maxine was mostly known for her standout performances on NXT Season 3 and NXT Redemption. She also appeared 1 time on Smackdown, 2 times on Superstars and Raw. She was in developmental since 2009, but was finally in Diva status in 2011, she is now presuing acting and has been attending meetings in New York.

Kelly Kelly, has been on ‘personal break’ since May this year – rumors have been spreading about that she may not be returning. Kelly as of late has been traveling about with her boyfriend Hockey player Sheldon Souray, and has recently relocated to Malibu, California with him. It has been said Kelly has been seeking offers for scripted and unscripted reality shows and has been thought of for ‘Big Time Rush’ on Nickelodeon. Kelly is still employed with WWE but has been working there since 2006.

Many believe that WWE has signed Sara Del Rey to ‘beef’ up their Divas division just incase some ‘modelesque’ Divas decide to leave. Others believe that along with performing, Sara may be assisting in training the current WWE Divas.