BREAKING NEWS: Kelly Kelly released

New Twitter Photo: “Vintage Barbie sneak peek😊”

WWE has just announced the release of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

Kelly has been in the WWE since 2006, competing for ECW, Smackdown, Raw, Superstars and the 3rd season of NXT.

She finally accomplished her 5 year goal of becoming WWE Divas Champion in 2011 after defeating Brie Bella.

Ever since May 2012, Kelly has been going off of WWE’s radar – accepting modeling and promotion gigs under her real name. However a 5 year contract extension was rumored to be put on the table for both parties.

This morning rumors came out that Vince McMahon/WWE was not pleased about taking gigs under her real name, and her recent shoot with Timberland that was not booked through them.

It is believed that Kelly Kelly has asked for her release from the WWE. Wishing Kelly the best in all her future plans!, from what I hear there is a bright future for this young talent.


Kelly Kelly update…..

Dirtsheets are reporting that Kelly Kelly (who has been on another rumored vacation from the ring) has been back in talks with WWE.

Earlier in the year (May, 2012) it was said WWE was trying to offer Kelly a 5 year extended contract because they were afraid that their ‘most marketable’ Diva was on her way out. In May, rumors circulated that Kelly was looking for acting and modeling jobs with her real name, instead of her WWE name.

Rumors came out that ‘Big Time Rush’ wanted Kelly to appear on a show, but asked WWE for permission to have her on their first. No word on if Kelly will be appearing on the show in the future not.

Back to the contract matter, it has been reported that the 5 year extension is still on the table and both parties have continued to have ‘positive’ conversations.

At this time, WWE “sources” are saying Kelly has yet to sign the new contract. Kelly has been recently MIA since the Summerslam PPV.

Eve replaces Kelly Kelly in WWE promo….

WWE’s promo Summerslam used to feature former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly well, until today.

WWE added Superstars a few hours ago, which showed the full production promo for Summerslam (which happens in a few weeks).


A lot of Kelly Kelly fans were hopeful that she would return soon because she was in the promo… soon turned to dissapointment.

Eve Torres, former 2 time Divas Champion has replaced Kelly Kelly in the Summerslam Promo.

Although this may be a second edition of the Summerslam video, the rest of the promo seems similar to the original. Kelly has been up and down with the WWE recently according to rumors. Most recently dirtsheets and fans have been confused wheither Kelly Kelly is done with WWE or if she is indeed returning full time next week during Smackdown’s Japan tour.

Kelly Kelly set to return……

Dirtsheets are reporting that WWE Diva Kelly Kelly will be back with WWE starting August 9th (when Smackdown goes to Japan).

It was rumored on Monday, that WWE offered the blonde Diva with a 5 year extension to her contract (like they did to Maryse in 2011).

It is believed WWE was ready to do whatever it took to keep Kelly, due to their thoughts she is the most ‘over’ Diva with the WWE Universe.

Some fans believe that Kelly must have signed the contract extension, since she hasn’t been on WWE Tv programming since May 21st.

As of recently there has been outburst by fans about how the Divas are used, and was said to be a hot topic backstage at RAW this past week.

Many don’t know if Kelly Kelly has resigned or not, but according to recent rumor mills- WWE’s resident blonde is getting ready for her return to the ring.

Divas segments CUT from broadcasts ???

Superstars broadcast on was suppose to feature Divas Champion Layla vs Natalya. With fans super pumped about their Champion and Divas in general being featured, they were ready to tune in…. only to be dissapointed. The Divas match was cut from the stream, leaving Diva fan’s matchless this past week.


Then if your a Rosa Mendes or Prime Time Player fan you were super stoked to find out that their was a backstage segment. Where Rosa’s photoshoot was interupted by the PTP’s – who attempted their own photoshoot.

When Diva fans tuned into Smackdown on SYFY…. they were once again dissapointed, as this segment was cut from broadcast as well.

BUT WWE added the cut Smackdown segment to as an Exclusive video.


> This is not the first time in the past weeks Divas have been cut, last weeks Superstars which featured Divas Champion Layla and US Champion Santino Marella vs Aksana and Antonio Cesaro was cut.  Also a rumored Kelly Kelly segment (not taped) was cut from the RAW 1000 broadcast schedule. The past week on WWE programming NO Divas had aired matches.



Kelly Kelly offered extended contract ???

New Twitter Photo: “Behind the scenes ☺”Dirtsheets are reporting that Kelly was backstage at RAW 1000 but, was not used on air. During this time WWE Officials reached out to Kelly Kelly with a 5 year extended deal, adding on to her current contract.

At this point it is being said Kelly has not resigned with the new deal.

Rumors surfaced following RAW 1000 that Kelly was set for a segment, but it was cut due to the opening segments running lon. – The stories also said that Kelly was not pleased with her segment being cut, since she could have been ‘elsewhere’ instead of in St. Louis.

Kelly has recently posted photos of recent photoshoots on her Twitter page, suggesting that rumors of her attempting projects outside WWE are true.

Kelly Kelly back to WWE for 1 night??

Rumors are circulating that former Divas Champion and Maxim cover girl Kelly Kelly is not ready to be back at WWE full time. She tweeted that she is back on road yesterday, and will be in St. Louis for Monday Night RAW’s 1000th episode.

For the past 2 months many fans were unsure about Kelly’s status with the company. Since May Kelly has been on vacation with her boyfriend and friends, recently relocating to California.

Dirtsheets are claiming tonight Kelly might return but for a 1 time thing due to it being a historic episode, there is no word on wheither it is Kelly or WWE who is not ready for a full return of the blonde bombshell.