Possible new Diva feud? ……

Some dirt sheets are “reporting” that WWE officials hope to have an AJ Lee and Eve Torres feud at some point this year (possibly next year due to it being November already).

According to the sites, this feud is going to “get more attention than anything involving the Divas in recent years”.

AJ Lee and Eve Torres both have had incredible stand out years with their “Hoeski” and “Crazy Chick” personas.

Update on Kaitlyn’s Night of Champions “Injury”….

At Sunday’s Night of Champions there was a backstage segment where Kaitlyn was shown sitting on the ground. She was telling trainers that someone attacked her from behind but, she couldn’t see who it was. By coincidence Eve was standing near by talking to the Prime Time Players, and eventually followed medical staff to where she was at.

On Twitter Kaitlyn believed everything worked out too well for Eve, and on Backstage Fallout Layla believes that Eve probably had something to do with it.

According to WWE, Kaitlyn will be out “a couple of weeks” due to torn ligaments in her ankle.

It should be noted that Kaitlyn’s injury is a part of the current Diva storyline and when Kaitlyn is ‘cleared to return’ she will get another Divas Championship match according to Booker T in the backstage segment.

Eve Torres gets engaged…

Last night Eve Torres posted the following photo (left) along with “I’ve never been so happy! @RenerGracie

Fellow and former WWE Divas sent out congradulations to the couple, who have been dating for a couple years.

Rener Gracie, co-founder of Gracie Academy – the same Gracie studio where Eve Torres traines and works as a speaker for womens empowerment.

This month has been a huge one for Eve, winning the Stars Earn Stripes reality show – as well as being apart of rebuilding the Divas Divison with her fellow WWE Divas. If you think that sounds like a lot to handle, just add a recent engagement to the list of accomplishments this former 2x Divas Champion has done just this month alone.

HUGE CONGRATS go out to both Eve Torres and Rener Gracie on this precious life-long memory.

Week 4: Eve Torres ‘Earns Stripes’ Season FINALE!

It is Season Finale time already?! BOOOO anyways onto the Stars Earn Stripes recap.

General Wesley Clark throws a curve ball to start off this weeks episode. All 5 remaining celebrities must shoot multiple targets to move on in the next mission. Cain hits all the targets, Picabo hits all the targets, Palin hits all the targets…. it’s now down to Nick Lachey and Eve Torres.

The pressure is on Eve, as her gun is jammed… she is trying to load and unlock – as shots are being fired from Lachey’s gun. It is a tight, nail bitting race – Lachey is down to 1 target while Eve is still struggling with her gun jam. CLICK, Eve has somehow figured out the jam and BAM BAM… knocks out her final 2 targets. Nick Lachey is eliminated from Stars Earn Stripes.

Eve rejoins the celebrites and operatives, allowing Grady Powell to sigh a happy relief. The 4 remaining celebrites and 4 operatives head to mission control to get the details on their next mission. Since Dean Cain shot all the targets first he got to choose which pair he would like to team with in the next mission. He states that Eve/Grady have had the fastest time each week and they worked great as a team last week… so it was once again Eve Torres, Grady Powell, Chris Kyle and Dean Cain.

The next mission was entitled Stolen Identity, the power team was up first leaving an angry Picabo (due to her wanting to be paired with Cain) and Palin behind to watch. This team was off to nothing but speed, shooting their targets in quick fashion, minus a few hicups by Cain. Once the mission was over, it was once again said by General Wesley Clark that they had recieved the fastest time in the mission- moving them on to the final mission…. and sending Picabo and Palin to the shootout. In the shootout Picabo was able to shoot all her targets before Palin, which allowed her to move on to the final mission and sent Palin out of Stars Earn Stripes.

The last mission was entitled Harbor Demolition, in which each pair of 2 (the celebrity and their operative) would jump out of a helicopter onto a moving boat, climb up a cargo net attached to a huge ship in which they must shoot targets on – seems easy right!? not.

Dean Cain and Chris Kyle were up first, after multiple hicups by Cain their time was fast but not enough to secure them the victory. Up next was Eve Torres and Grady Powell who hurried through the course, shooting every target in a row. They had an impressive time of 5:10… which seemed hard to beat until Picabo Street and Brent Gleeson were on a mission to stop their time. After they finished, no time was shown…. it was time to head to the final mission meeting…. the winner was about to be named.

General Wesley Clark welcomed the final 3 celebrities & operatives, along with the eliminated celebrites & operatives to the first Stars Earn Stripes finale. He gives Dean Cain and Chris Kyle their final time which was a little over 6 minutes, and says they have been dismissed from Stars Earn Stripes. As they are shown stepping backwards to join rest of the eliminated cast, Eve Torres and Grady Powell’s time of 5:10 is read which excites them. General Clark then says less than 30 seconds seperates the winner and second place…. Picabo Street and Brent Gleeson’s final time was around 5:27 (not sure as of the exact time).

Eve Torres and Grady Powell have won Stars Earn Stripes, a huge display of fireworks are exploaded into the air. Eve is given a check for $100,000 and Grady has won a new truck – the two celebrate with their fellow cast as the show fades out.

WOW what a “season” this was, I am really hoping a second season is made and they allow Grady Powell and Eve Torres to return and “defend” their season 1 victory. As for rest of the viewers (including me) who hoped that Eve and Grady would become a pair, item or couple after the show…. I am saddened to say no. The two have said on their official Twitters that they remain best friends after the show… so as of right now the Grady/Eve couple is a no go :(.

Great season and congrats to all contestants and operatives who earned money for their charities.

Week 3: Eve Torres ‘Earns Stripes’

Week 3 has finally came around and Eve has to compete in this weeks mission (unlike last week).

They were first split into teams of 2, this time Eve Torres and Grady Powell were teamed with Dean Cain and Chris Kyle. Both teams finished with fast times in the 2 pervious missions.

In the training session, Eve was placed on pistol challenge – due to Dean Cain not wanting to step up to the challenge. It was shown earlier though Eve was making complete shots to watermelons on the target stations (some were even rolling away).

Due to her excellent shots on the ‘ma duece’ during practice – which left her military teammate to say a shocking ‘you kidding me?’ and ‘that’s f*cking sexy’. He even stated in “comedic” fashion, in a shootout she would beat at least 80% of the guys, when he revealed that he was kidding Eve just laughed along.

It was time for the challenge, Eve’s team was up first. First Eve was up to shoot out 4 targets using the pistol. The first problem for Eve occurred, when she forgot to take the safety off. Once she corrected her mistake she shot all 4 targets right after another.

Her team partners had to shoot their own targets before they could continue. The pressure was back on Eve’s shoulders heading into the final part of the mission. Eve gets behind the ‘ma deuce’ and shoots a couple shots before the first crate goes BOOM. She then shoots another series of shots and then the second crate goes BOOM.

Eve’s team once again got the fastest time at 5:30 – allowing them to move on to the finale episodes. While at ‘mission control’ General Wesley Clark told Eve he was impressed with her shooting – and also wondered if there was chemistry between her and team partner Grady…..which Eve denied.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale, so make sure you watch!!! As #TeamEveandGrady #TeamLongHairDontCare go for the victory, and the ultimate prize money for the USO.

Week 2: Eve Torres ‘Earns Stripes’

If you were not catching Eve on USA for RAW – I hope you were watching her on NBC for Stars Earn Stripes. Yes, ladies and gentlemen Eve Torres pulled a double duty this past Monday ;).


Ok so week 2 of Stars Earn Stripes was a pretty easy week…. for Eve Torres and Military partner Grady Powell, let me explain.

Since the celebrity team of Eve Torres and Nick Lachey (along with their Military partners) had the fastest time they were rewarded with a special challenge just for them.

The two would face off against one another, with 2 targets to hit (similar to last weeks elimination round). Once they were suited up, they were placed on their targets as the other celebs and military looked on.

BAM! Eve hits her first target while Lachey is still struggling to get his shots near his first one. BAM! another shot hits the target and Eve swipes the competition win. Leaving her shocked and her partner Grady very proud. Even though Lachey said he needed the win because Torres called him the weak link during last weeks episode, he felt he needed to prove her wrong. Sadly for the former boy band member, Torres showed him up once again earning elimination from this weeks mission.

Since Eve Torres earned immunity, she was moved directly on to the 3rd week of Stars Earn Stripes – won more money for her USO charity – and earned her second stripe!

Week 1: Eve Torres ‘Earns Stripes’

imageWeek 1:

Eve Torres, WWE Diva took to the battle field, in hopes of earning money for her army charity – the USO.

She was quickly teamed up with Green Beret Grady Powell, who quickly took a liking to Torres. By liking I meant he asked how he could become a WWE Diva.

They were placed in training grounds to learn about their 2 weapons for this mission.

After they were done practicing, it was time to put what their coaches taught them. They were paired with another duo for the mission, Torres was placed with singer/ tv host Nick Lachey.

Their team flew through the mission which involved, crawling through thick mudd under barbwire, grabbing a case of explosives, breaking down a door – placing explosives in the door, getting pulled up by helicopter just in time to pull the trigger to explode the box. Oh and if that was not enough, each celebrity and military member had to shoot 3 items each with high powered rifles, that they carried the entire time.

At the end of the show each team gathered around to see who had the fastest and slowest times, it was revealed that the team of Eve Torres, Grady Powell, Nick Lachey and Tom Stroup had the fastest time and would be moving on to next weeks mission. 2 members of other teams were unable to compete in the mission after being rescued from the water portion of the mission, had to compete in the final shootout.

The final shootout consisted of each shooting the rifle from the mission, to hit a small target in the distance. The first celebrity that knocked it down would move on to next weeks mission while the other one would be sent home. Long story short the Actor from White Chicks was able to hit his target and move on to next weeks mission while the trainer from Biggest Loser was sent packing after failing to hit his target.

Way to go Eve!