Update on Cameron’s suspension…..

Funkadactyl Cameron’s suspension following her DUI arrest 2 weeks ago was up yesterday.

Cameron is now allowed to return to the ring – funky tag partner Naomi has been taken off tv as well during the suspension.

** UPDATE: Cameron and Naomi both returned at the Night of Champion ppv tonight accompanying Brodus Clay to the ring during the pre- show battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the US Championship.

It is great to see the Funkaadactyls back on tv!!

WWE Diva suspended? …..

Dirtsheets are now reporting that WWE Diva Cameron has been suspended by WWE following last weeks DUI arrest.

“Sources” told TMZ and other dirtsheet sites that Cameron did not inform WWE that she was arrested, and according to TMZ attempted to bribe police $10,000 to not arrest her because she feared of loosing her job.

There are conflicting reports on how much days she has been suspended, the only one out with a ‘confirmed’ date is September 15th. That means by next Saturday Cameron should be able to return to full Funkadactyl mode.

Cameron was overseas with fellow members Naomi and Brodus Clay but was pulled for the Sydney and Melbourne shows. Naomi completed the rest of the shows as a solo dancer.

If Cameron is indeed suspended, I hope it goes by fast so we can see the complete PLANET FUNK!

BREAKING NEWS: WWE Diva arrested last Friday….


WWE Diva, 1/2 of the Funkadactyls Cameron Lynn was arrested this past Friday in Tampa, Florida for driving under the influence.

From her arrest information – she refused the breathalyzer test and was released later on that day after paying a $500 bond.


An interesting note on her arrest report, her employment lists her as a Sales Associate for Wells Fargo…. and not WWE.


TMZ reported a story on Cameron’s arrest, although NONE of their information lines up with the official N. Hillsborough County arrest records.