Tara at RAW’s 1000th episode??

Although TNA Knockout Tara tweeted she will not be at RAW’s 1000th episode (tonight), but the #GhostOfVictoria will be.

She accidently tweeted a private tweet as public and all her followers saw the following message sent to fellow Knockout Brooke Tessmacher:

“Just landed in St. Louis. Call you from car”

It wouldn’t be as suspicious if it was anywhere else, but, RAW’s 1000th episode is infact in St. Louis.

The tweet was soon deleted – if Tara is infact backstage at RAW 1000, she will probably not be on air.

Tara is currently under contract with WWE’s “rival” company Impact Wrestling and has been since leaving WWE in 2009.

Knockout match for next weeks Impact!

It was announced that Madison Rayne and Gail Kim would be facing Tara and Mickie James on next weeks LIVE IMPACT!

Notably missing Tara’s actual tag partner and current Knockouts champion Brooke Tessmacher.

WWE/Impact at (San Diego) Comic Con 2012….

 Alicia Fox is always ready for Comic Con, this is her 2nd year going for WWE. This year she competed alongside fellow Diva/Divas Champion Layla in the ‘Zombie Walk’. She also signed autographs at the Mattel booth with Daniel Bryan and HOF’r Arn Anderson.


Divas Champion Layla, made it to her 1st Comic Con with WWE. After competing in the Zombie walk she signed autographs at the Mattel booth alongside the  Funkasaurus Brodus Clay.


 On the different side of Comic Con, the Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher had her first taste of Comic Con. First wondering around like she belonged in the Zombie walk, and then signing autographs with Jeff Hardy.