WWE Diva arrested at Smackdown arena….

TMZ is reporting that WWE Diva Kaitlyn was arrested, while at the Smackdown arena.

They go on to say Michigan police came into the backstage area with a warrant for Kaitlyn’s arrest due to an unpaid speeding ticket from last year.

She was booked and released shortly after, paying somewhere between $305-$315 for bond.


TMZ has posed a statment reportadly from Kaitlyn saying: “During a previous visit to Michigan, I was cited for a traffic violation. I am fully cooperating with authorities to resolve the matter.”

BREAKING NEWS: WWE Diva arrested last Friday….


WWE Diva, 1/2 of the Funkadactyls Cameron Lynn was arrested this past Friday in Tampa, Florida for driving under the influence.

From her arrest information – she refused the breathalyzer test and was released later on that day after paying a $500 bond.


An interesting note on her arrest report, her employment lists her as a Sales Associate for Wells Fargo…. and not WWE.


TMZ reported a story on Cameron’s arrest, although NONE of their information lines up with the official N. Hillsborough County arrest records.

BREAKING NEWS: Michelle McCool gives birth….

Although it was never confirmed by the Flawless one, FCW president Steve Keirn announced ‘Undertaker and Michelle were expecting their first child’ at FCW Dallas Bull show (when Taker was signing autographs).

Lilian Garcia tweeted the following this morning Congrats @McCoolMichelleL & Taker! Soooooo happy 2 hear about ur new bundle of joy!!! #BestWishes!! ;)).

BIG Congrats go out to Michelle McCool and Undertaker on their newborn!!

BREAKING NEWS: NXT Diva Caylee Turner released?….

Caylee Turner (real name Christina Crawford) has been MIA from NXT in recent tapings and her profile was not added to FCW’s upgraded NXT website yesterday. However it was not added, her profile was still available via url link that was until yesterday morning.

Yesterday her profile was removed and all that remained was a 404 error page, signaling it was deleted. If that was not enough Sofia Cortez (who announced Sunday she was let go by WWE) and Caylee Turner were removed from NXT’s opening promo.

Caylee Turner was released back in 2010 by WWE, which resulted in her competing in WWE’s Tough Enough competition (alongside Cortez), in which she placed 4th. Turner was quickly signed back to a contract after the season finale.

Turner is the younger sister of Alicia Fox, and has said on multiple occasions that she has wanted to be a Diva since she was younger. She said she wanted to join but was too young to tryout. If Caylee was indeed released she joins the long list of WWE Diva talents that have been let go or have quit the company. As of recently she would join the ranks of fellow NXT Diva and Tough Enough alumni Sofia Cortez and AW, who both believe they were s*crewed by WWE and unfairly fired/released.

Caylee Turner has yet to make a statment on wheither she has been released, but it’s not looking good.

BREAKING NEWS: Sofia Cortez released from WWE…

Sofia Cortez shocked the Twitter world when she posted the following tweet: “I, as well, have been released by WWE. Sorry my #Soljas….”. This send out mixed emotions from the WWE Universe – anger, saddness and most fans became frantic.


Sofia became a star on the indy scene but shot to stardom when she appeared on WWE Tough Enough (as Ivelisse Velvez). Despite Velez being eliminated, she was signed to a WWE contract – soon debuting to FCW tv.


Recently Cortez wrestled on WWE NXT against Paige, Natalya and in an upcoming episode Tamina Snuka.


No matter where Sofia goes next one thing is forsure, she will shine bright and succeed. I, as well, as rest of her fans hope that she will return to the WWE where she belongs soon enough!


BREAKING NEWS: Rosa Mendes victim of Domestic Abuse…

Despite previous rumors that Rosa Mendes had been arrested spreading throughout the web earlier this morning THEY ARE FALSE. TMZ has reported what seems to be the true story.

TMZ posted this morning that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes was actually the victim of Domestic abuse. The report states that Mendes was involved in an altercation with her fiance and former WWE Superstar Jackson Andrews.

The report says a concerned woman saw Mendes crying in the bathroom and went to get help. When police got to her, she claimed that the altercation happened at her home in Las Vegas, prior to her San Antonio flight to RAW later that night.

TMZ states Mendes told the police, she is afraid “Andrews” will try to kill her. Police took photos of bruises and scratchs on her body and filed a report.

According to TMZ, the following statment was sent by WWE about the issue: “Milena Roucka contacted a WWE Talent Relations representative this morning to notify WWE that, upon her arrival in San Antonio last evening, she contacted police at the airport to report alleged domestic abuse that occurred just prior to her flight. WWE is supportive of Rosa and will provide her with professional assistance.”

Rosa Mendes was personally taken to her Texas hotel via police car- which is how the false reports about her being arrested started. TMZ article did state that Rosa attempted to drown her sorrows with alcohol after the altercation but WAS NOT stumbling over her own feet like reported by fans.

My personal thoughts: I hope Rosa Mendes is strong enough (as it seems she is) to leave him and never return. Any sick man who puts his hands on a woman they “love” is not really a man at all. I hope Rosa presses charges and “Jackson Andrews” goes where he belongs, the slammer where the inmates will show him that beating up on woman and children is a sick and intolerable action. Any “man” who hits a woman needs help but mostly needs locked away…ITS DISCUSTING <- my personal thoughts.

BREAKING NEWS: Rosa Mendes arrested?….

According to 2 fans at the San Antonio airport late last night/early this morning, Rosa Mendes was arrested.

The fans claim Rosa was so drunk that she could not stand up, and police at the airport took her into a room for questioning.

The fans later tweeted that the police took Mendes out to a cop car and drove away.

They assumed that she was arrested for public intoixcation.