Jim Ross comments on the NXT Divas, and trainer Sara Del Rey

In his weekly blog following WWE NXT tapings, good ol’ Jim Ross had some comments on the NXT Divas division and of course how it reflects on their trainer female wrestling veteran Sara Del Rey.

Sarah Del Ray doing an excellent job working/coaching the Divas. IMO I was the best in ring Divas bouts Thursday night as I’ve seen in WWe in a while. Layla, Alicia Fox, Paige and newcomer Sasha did well.


NXT Divas being promoted?…

There are reports out that some WWE NXT (developmental) Divas might be promoted to the main roster.

According to the sites, WWE feels there needs to be fresh blood in the divison since it is mainly focused around Divas Champion Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla.


My Thoughts: AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero are used, as of right now Tamina Snuka has been added into a story. Cameron, Naomi and Rosa all know how to wrestle and haven’t been given a shot. Aksana has been added into this story in the past weeks. Once we figure out what side Alicia and Natalya are on that would clear everything up. As of right now I don’t personally think its a great idea to throw more Divas in the divison during the rebuilding process – just my opinion.

Another new WWE signing….

Indy standout Tenille, who was signed back in early 2012 finally debuted at FCW’s houseshow this past weekend. Soon after that recently signed Ashley Fleihr – who happens to be the daughter of WWE Legend Ric Flair – showed up backstage at the houseshow (she  has yet to have a in-ring debut).

WWE has signed a new lady to a contract, but not much is know about her. Her Twitter bio is under ‘ANYA the Russian Bruiser’ – and based on the Twitter name she is Russian.

She was spotted at the houseshow as well, selling shirts at the merch table. Anya posted the photo (right) last night during FCW’s Dallas Bull charity show – featuring all 3 of WWE’s recent signings.

2 time HOFer’s Daughter to FCW….

WOOOOOO, the daughter of 2 time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has reported to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

Her name is Ashley Fliehr Johnson, and is currently 25 years old.

Rumors about her signing with WWE came not to long after rumors that Ric Flair was leaving TNA to return to WWE. It was also rumored that she had recently taken up wrestling before being signed. In the reports it also stated that she ‘broke’ her nose while training.

She was seen at the merch table at a FCW houseshow event this past weekend/ early week.