Winter gone from TNA…..

Well it seems like Winter has came and gone from another company.

If you recall, Winter was previously Katie Lea who was released from WWE after not being used on tv. When she stepped foot in Impact Wrestling (TNA) everyone was pleased to see her pushed to the front of the division. After 2 Knockout title wins and 1 Knockout Tag title win, Winter was thrown to the back of the pack…. not appearing on tv since April.

Winter was signed on to an indy ippv B.L.O.W, which is against TNA’s contract rules – which states that Impact stars can compete in indy shows as long as they don’t appear on ppvs’. To top this off Winter has been making a killing on the indies scene, becoming womens champion in multiple promotions.

Sadly enough, Winter’s TNA Contract ended yesterday (September 5th) and was not resigned to a new contract. No word on if it was Winter or Impact that decided not to resign the contract. Either way it is extremely upsetting that Impact dropped the ball with yet another Knockout, Winter is a great female talent that seems to be disrespected by every ‘large’ promotion she signs too. With that being said Winter is doing amazing on the indy scene, check her out wherever you can find her.

Winter is the 3rd Knockout to leave Impact Wrestling (TNA) since August. Winter’s tag partner Angelina Love asked for her release from the company – soon after Love’s former tag partner Velvet Sky opted not to resign to a new contract – and now Winter was not signed to a new contract. YIKES!


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