Another Knockout on her way out?…..

One rule Impact Wrestling has with it’s roster is, you can appear at any indy show….just as long as it’s not on ppv.

Many Impact fans figured Velvet Sky was on her way out after being announced for an indy ippv show. This is no different, for fans of Winter – are holding on to hope that this is a different case.

Winter is scheduled for B.L.O.W ippv on October 11th, which would be in violation of her Impact contract. After this news was broke many fans have a feeling Winter might have been the 2nd (well 3rd) Knockout to ask the company for a release.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Angelina Love and Vevlet Sky just recently were released from the company.

Winter, 2x Knockouts Champion and 1x Knockout Tag Champion has been off tv since April 6th. It is said ever since Bruce Prichard took over creative, Winter has disapeared from Impact completly.

She has been competing all over the indy circut, most recenty holding the FCW Championship for an impressive number of months.


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