BREAKING NEWS: Rosa Mendes victim of Domestic Abuse…

Despite previous rumors that Rosa Mendes had been arrested spreading throughout the web earlier this morning THEY ARE FALSE. TMZ has reported what seems to be the true story.

TMZ posted this morning that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes was actually the victim of Domestic abuse. The report states that Mendes was involved in an altercation with her fiance and former WWE Superstar Jackson Andrews.

The report says a concerned woman saw Mendes crying in the bathroom and went to get help. When police got to her, she claimed that the altercation happened at her home in Las Vegas, prior to her San Antonio flight to RAW later that night.

TMZ states Mendes told the police, she is afraid “Andrews” will try to kill her. Police took photos of bruises and scratchs on her body and filed a report.

According to TMZ, the following statment was sent by WWE about the issue: “Milena Roucka contacted a WWE Talent Relations representative this morning to notify WWE that, upon her arrival in San Antonio last evening, she contacted police at the airport to report alleged domestic abuse that occurred just prior to her flight. WWE is supportive of Rosa and will provide her with professional assistance.”

Rosa Mendes was personally taken to her Texas hotel via police car- which is how the false reports about her being arrested started. TMZ article did state that Rosa attempted to drown her sorrows with alcohol after the altercation but WAS NOT stumbling over her own feet like reported by fans.

My personal thoughts: I hope Rosa Mendes is strong enough (as it seems she is) to leave him and never return. Any sick man who puts his hands on a woman they “love” is not really a man at all. I hope Rosa presses charges and “Jackson Andrews” goes where he belongs, the slammer where the inmates will show him that beating up on woman and children is a sick and intolerable action. Any “man” who hits a woman needs help but mostly needs locked away…ITS DISCUSTING <- my personal thoughts.


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