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BREAKING NEWS: WWE Diva arrested last Friday….


WWE Diva, 1/2 of the Funkadactyls Cameron Lynn was arrested this past Friday in Tampa, Florida for driving under the influence.

From her arrest information – she refused the breathalyzer test and was released later on that day after paying a $500 bond.


An interesting note on her arrest report, her employment lists her as a Sales Associate for Wells Fargo…. and not WWE.


TMZ reported a story on Cameron’s arrest, although NONE of their information lines up with the official N. Hillsborough County arrest records.

BREAKING NEWS: Michelle McCool gives birth….

Although it was never confirmed by the Flawless one, FCW president Steve Keirn announced ‘Undertaker and Michelle were expecting their first child’ at FCW Dallas Bull show (when Taker was signing autographs).

Lilian Garcia tweeted the following this morning Congrats @McCoolMichelleL & Taker! Soooooo happy 2 hear about ur new bundle of joy!!! #BestWishes!! ;)).

BIG Congrats go out to Michelle McCool and Undertaker on their newborn!!

Week 3: Eve Torres ‘Earns Stripes’

Week 3 has finally came around and Eve has to compete in this weeks mission (unlike last week).

They were first split into teams of 2, this time Eve Torres and Grady Powell were teamed with Dean Cain and Chris Kyle. Both teams finished with fast times in the 2 pervious missions.

In the training session, Eve was placed on pistol challenge – due to Dean Cain not wanting to step up to the challenge. It was shown earlier though Eve was making complete shots to watermelons on the target stations (some were even rolling away).

Due to her excellent shots on the ‘ma duece’ during practice – which left her military teammate to say a shocking ‘you kidding me?’ and ‘that’s f*cking sexy’. He even stated in “comedic” fashion, in a shootout she would beat at least 80% of the guys, when he revealed that he was kidding Eve just laughed along.

It was time for the challenge, Eve’s team was up first. First Eve was up to shoot out 4 targets using the pistol. The first problem for Eve occurred, when she forgot to take the safety off. Once she corrected her mistake she shot all 4 targets right after another.

Her team partners had to shoot their own targets before they could continue. The pressure was back on Eve’s shoulders heading into the final part of the mission. Eve gets behind the ‘ma deuce’ and shoots a couple shots before the first crate goes BOOM. She then shoots another series of shots and then the second crate goes BOOM.

Eve’s team once again got the fastest time at 5:30 – allowing them to move on to the finale episodes. While at ‘mission control’ General Wesley Clark told Eve he was impressed with her shooting – and also wondered if there was chemistry between her and team partner Grady…..which Eve denied.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale, so make sure you watch!!! As #TeamEveandGrady #TeamLongHairDontCare go for the victory, and the ultimate prize money for the USO.

Reported reason behind Caylee Turner’s release?….

The last ever FCW Divas Champion and younger sister to WWE Diva Alicia Fox – Caylee Turner was shockingly released at the beginning of the month along with fellow Tough Enough/NXT Diva Sofia Cortez.


She never confirmed or issued a statment on the issue but like usual, the dirt sheets have reported possible reasoning behind it.


The dirtsheets are now reporting that Turner’s contract was terminated (released) because she did not have much of a work ethic and always complained about being hurt.


Now once again Caylee Turner has not issued a statment on her release, but Sofia Cortez stated that the Dirtsheets had the wrong reasoning behind her release, i’d take this with the same thoughts.

Anya added to NXT website….

Until now nothing was known about WWE’s newest NXT signee, but now her NXT profile has offered us some answers.


According to her bio she is a “Translator, Lawyer, Taekwondo Practitioner…..greatest accomplishment lies in the realm of combat fighting – in particular, kickboxing.”


If that is not interesting enough she also stands at over 6 ft tall.

Naomi fills in for Kaitlyn…..

At last nights houseshow fans reported that Kaitlyn was unable to wrestle due to traveling problems. 1/2 of the Funkadactyls Naomi filled in to wrestle Natalya.

The win came when the other half of the Funkadactyls Cameron distracted Natalya which allowed Naomi to get the win.

A fan in attendance who sent in the results said it was probably one of the best Diva matchs they’ve seen all year (their opinion) and Naomi brought a lot of athleticism to the match.

Wedding Impossible Recap: { Meet the Irvines }

The wedding between Gail Kim and Robert Irvine aired August 18th on the Food Network Channel.

The first half of the episode showed TNA Knockout Gail Kim and Chef Robert Irvine talking about how they met on the WWE edition of Resturant Impossible. If you don’t remember WWE invaded Resurant Impossible one year bringing in Santino Marella, The Miz and Gail Kim to help cook for an important WWE event.

In the commentary parts Gail said Robert was going to do all the planning so that she can relax before the wedding, and he is used to all the stress.

Throughout the episode, it showed Robert going through a series of preperations for the wedding. Gail felt since she didn’t have to help plan the wedding, she could at least make a wedding party.

During the wedding party, Gail invited tons of their close friends and family to a suprise party for Robert. Once it was time for her big reveal of the night, she told Robert to turn around – only to reveal his sister who he hasn’t seen in over 10 years. Robert started to cry right away out of shear happiness, Gail on the other hand was pleased that she proved him wrong and was able to suprise him.

At one point Gail Kim was showed at the Impact Zone talking to Christy Hemme about how calm she is heading into her wedding day.

WEDDING DAY!! Gail was shown getting pictures taken in her wedding dresses, when Roberts’ daughters walk in. Gail hands them both a gift – that reveals matching 3 heart necklaces that she says represents them (that they are 2 hearts and she is hooked in the middle). The girls put on the necklaces and it is time for the wedding of the century….literally it seemed like it.

Throughout the wedding week we saw mini clips of TNA Knockout Tara and Christy Hemme – WWE Divas Natalya, Beth Phoenix (not seen on camera but was there) and Alicia Fox. I personally wish they would have show Gail interacting with her wrestling friends more while Robert was planning the wedding.

A horse and carriage…. yes everyone there was one of those. Robert said he wanted to make the wedding perfect, so he ordered a horse and carriage to take Gail to the wedding site. Once Gail got out she walked with her mother to the groom.

After exchanging their vows, Roberts daughters got up and sang a little song that once again brought Robert to tears.

Onto the wedding reception, which once again was out of the world – huge room filled with their closest friends and family – dangling lights etc. The food on the menu was everything from sushi, filled chips, cupcakes …. you name it, it was probably there. The show ended with everyone dancing the night away.