BREAKING NEWS: Kharma confirms release from the WWE…

New Photoshoot PreviewKharma has been the topic of many dirtsheet stories – from her quitting WWE, taking more time off to simply being released from WWE.

The question on everyones’ minds has been, what is the truth. WWE and Kharma were both quiet on the release- neither sending out an official statment.

Kharma replied earlier this month on Twitter that she had been ‘promoted’ to WWE’s alumni page- later retweeting contradicting statments on why.

Some dirtsheets believed that Kharma would appear on RAW’s 1000th monumental episode, but when no Kharma or Divas appeared the whole WWE Universe was quick to think the worst…. that Kharma had in fact been released.

In reply to the following fan question ‘if you dont mind me asking, is it actually true that you were granted release from the WWE??? I Miss you So Much :’-(‘ – Kharma replied “yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.”

Fans all over the WWE Universe are taking the last half of that statment to the bank… and hoping its sooner rather than later.


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