Backstage news on 3 FCW Divas…

 Rumors are circulating, that their is strong praise for 3 of NXT’s Divas – Sofia Cortez, Paige and Raquel Diaz.

It is being said that WWE officials believe Paige and Sofia are better wrestlers than many of their current  WWE Divas. Although the praise, some believe Paige will be a future star, and that she is too young to be on the main roster now.

Raquel Diaz is gaining praise due to her mic skills and personality. Diaz has continued to gain praise due to the fact she can make promos on the spot. Her character spills out multiple promos, however WWE officals believe her ring work is not perfected yet.

Raquel and Paige are both generation Divas, Diaz being apart of the Guerrero Legacy- while Paige comes from England’s Knight Dynasty.

Not to count Sofia out, Cortez has trained with the Colons in Puerto Rico. Caylee Turner and Audrey Marie have competed in 1 match so far on WWE NXT, that has yet to air while, Summer Rae who recently started her wrestling training, has yet to have a taped match. Without a doubt, once WWE catchs eye on the other 3 Divas, it will surely be a race to the top of NXT and soon the WWE.


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