Update on Kharma/WWE ???

 If you thought you heard the last of Kharma/WWE you are mistaken once again. Since rumors have been circulating that Kharma has quit, Kharma was released, and that Kharma/WWE are playing a work to hype her return are already out on the Web — you can add one more to that list.

Dirtsheets are now reporting that Kharma has been allowed more time off, to clear her head after her personal problems following her miscarriage. Of course each report would have two sides, Some are reporting WWE said Kharma needed more time to clear her head thus the reason for her release. Others say that she was given an extension on her time off and was added to the Alumni page while doing so, she can return when they both feel she is ready.

Rumors sprung about Kharma’s return after her tweet about ‘putting braids back in’, caused the WWE Universe into frenzy. A week after that she tweeted that she had been ‘promoted’ to WWE’s Alumni page (in which she was added 1 day later). She then retweeted a few contradicting fan tweets that ‘no one knows the reason’ and that she should ‘stay in the alumni section until she’s ready to beat up barbie doll Divas’.

At this point, no one except Kharma and WWE know whats going on, no official statment has been given from the Diva or company. Next week in RAW 1000, the rumored date of Kharma’s return. In an interesting note, WWE has made all their Divas/Superstars TOUT accounts and Kharma is one of them.

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