‘The Bella Twins’ Nicole and Bri heading to RAW 1000?

Everyone knew that RAW 1000 was going to be crazy, full of suprises and former stars….. maybe The Bella Twins?!

Nicole and Bri, the twin Divas formally known as The Bella Twins have been hinting on multiple occasions that they might be at next weeks RAW, which happens to be the historic 1000th episode.

So does this mean @Kharma that we can hug and make up?? 😳 We promise to be nice! 😏 Or…….. #BellasvsKharma 👯

Maybe Nicole & I should crash AJ & Bryan’s wedding… But wait… He is in my bed every night 😮 haha Bri xxoo #RAW#WWE

(Retweeted @PicklesGomez_xo):” It would be awesome if @RealMelina and @nicoleandbri returned for #1000raw

Although most former stars hint returns at big events, WWE was rumored to kept the offer to extend The Bella’s contract on the table all the way until their final hours, when they opted to not resign. It was also rumored that The Bellas left on great terms and have the option to return if they’d like to.

The reason Nicole and Bri ‘The Bellas” decided to leave the WWE was due to them both being exchausted from the road and travel. Kharma is still being rumored to return at RAW 1000 dispite contradicting reports that she has been released and won’t be appearing. Nicole and Bri have spoke out multiple times on their disapointment that they did not get to finish what they started with Kharma before they left WWE, some believe the WWE Universe might be getting what they’ve wanted… The Bella Twins back, Kharma returning, and the match the Universe was waiting for Bellas vs Kharma!?? Only time will tell.


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