New Photoshoot PhotoIt was reported on June 28th that WWE Diva Maxine quit the company, the fans were frantic over this shocker. Many believed Maxine was the future of the Divas division and would be a future Divas Champion.


The reason behind her release according to dirt sheets was she was not happy with her spot in the division and was furious with the fact she was not guarenteed a spot on the main roster. Maxine appeared on two episodes of RAW, one competing alongside Natalya against Divas Champion Layla and Kelly Kelly. The second being the Bikini battle royal where she was eliminated first by Alicia Fox.

Fans did not know the truth until June 29th when Karlee Perez (Maxine) wrote on Twitter that she indeed did quit WWE.  She stated on Twitter “We have come to terms on my release. Its been a ride I want to thank @wwe for the experience and understanding on my feelings. Its not easy saying goodbye. But there are other options at which I can do….”

Maxine was under a FCW/WWE contract since 2009 and is well known for causing drama and bring excitment during the 5th season of NXT entitled Redemption.


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