BREAKING NEWS: Angelina Love released from TNA Wrestling …

imageAngelina Love, the only 5x Knockout Champion in TNA history has been granted her release on June 30/July 1st.


She posted the following statement on her Twitter ” To all my wonderful fans, just want to let you know I have been granted my release from TNA. It was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I’ve had there over the years. Now I’m on to the next amazing chapter of my life! If you are looking to book me please contact John at Thank you so much! “


Love hasn’t said much about what her next plans involve but, everyone on Impacts roster agrees that she will be successful whatever it is. Angelina has been off Impact tv since April alongside fellow Knockouts Winter (now Fwe Champion), Rosita and Sarita (competing under the name Dark Angel in Mexico).


Many fans are not suprised at the fact she asked for her release, many feel Angelina should have been competing for the Knockouts Championship but seemed to get lost in the scuffle.


TNA recently hired a new Knockout as well in OVW star Taeler Hendrix, that could have been an add plus to asking for a release in other fans’ eyes.


However Angelina is not the only TNA star who recently asked for their release, Shannon Moore, who wrestled in the XDivision as the prince of punk has also asked and been granted his release.


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