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Divas segments CUT from broadcasts ???

Superstars broadcast on was suppose to feature Divas Champion Layla vs Natalya. With fans super pumped about their Champion and Divas in general being featured, they were ready to tune in…. only to be dissapointed. The Divas match was cut from the stream, leaving Diva fan’s matchless this past week.


Then if your a Rosa Mendes or Prime Time Player fan you were super stoked to find out that their was a backstage segment. Where Rosa’s photoshoot was interupted by the PTP’s – who attempted their own photoshoot.

When Diva fans tuned into Smackdown on SYFY…. they were once again dissapointed, as this segment was cut from broadcast as well.

BUT WWE added the cut Smackdown segment to as an Exclusive video.


> This is not the first time in the past weeks Divas have been cut, last weeks Superstars which featured Divas Champion Layla and US Champion Santino Marella vs Aksana and Antonio Cesaro was cut.  Also a rumored Kelly Kelly segment (not taped) was cut from the RAW 1000 broadcast schedule. The past week on WWE programming NO Divas had aired matches.




Kelly Kelly offered extended contract ???

New Twitter Photo: “Behind the scenes ☺”Dirtsheets are reporting that Kelly was backstage at RAW 1000 but, was not used on air. During this time WWE Officials reached out to Kelly Kelly with a 5 year extended deal, adding on to her current contract.

At this point it is being said Kelly has not resigned with the new deal.

Rumors surfaced following RAW 1000 that Kelly was set for a segment, but it was cut due to the opening segments running lon. – The stories also said that Kelly was not pleased with her segment being cut, since she could have been ‘elsewhere’ instead of in St. Louis.

Kelly has recently posted photos of recent photoshoots on her Twitter page, suggesting that rumors of her attempting projects outside WWE are true.

BREAKING NEWS: Velvet Sky is done with IMPACT…

Velvet Sky posted on Twitter the following statments after a wildfire of rumors started that she asked for her release and did not sign a new contract:

“I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though..” – and “And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove “

Velvet Sky’s best friend and long time tag partner, Angelina Love – asked for her release earlier this month.

Sky has been off Impact shows for almost 2 months prior to her release, where as Love was off for almost 4.

Velvet Sky is only the 2nd Knockout to ask for her release, but as some dirtsheets reported earlier this month there was 2 Knockouts who were thinking about asking for their release…

New info on Kharma???

Although she confirmed a release from WWE, dirtsheets do not believe she is done quite yet.

Rumors are now goiong around that Kharma is training down in WWE’s developmental territory FCW – preparing for her return to the ring.

The rumors also say – Kharma has been turning down ideas creative has given her for a return and has been told to loose weight – even though Kharma has slimmed down since leaving WWE in May.

All that is really known is that Kharma is ‘released’ from WWE right now, but the 2 sides are willing to work with eachother soon…

The Bella Twins returning to WWE???


In a Maxim interview, the Bella Twin’s  hinted that they might be heading back to the squared circle.

While asked what they have and will be doing since leaving the ring, they replied We’ve been keeping busy! In August you can see us onRidiculousness on MTV, and in September we’ll be sharing some thoughts about Tim Tebow on the NFL Network. But honestly, the WWE is a huge family, and we look forward to going back”

Many fans were shocked that The Bellas left WWE, after they did not resign a new contract this April. With the Bella Army still on their side, The Bellas still have the support needed to make a splash in the WWE ring!

Tara speaks on RAW’s 2000th episode….

Although a mysterious tweet lead many to believe TNA Knockout Tara aka former WWE Diva Victoria was backstage at RAW’s 1000th episode.


She tweeted the following to let everyone know the truth “And no, I didn’t go to @WWE #RAW1000 but I haven’t ruled out #RAW2000. For now, you can see me this Thursday night on @IMPACTWRESTLING


It seems like Tara might have one more RAW moment up her sleeve…we’ll just have to wait for 1000 more episodes of RAW to find out.

BREAKING NEWS: Kharma confirms release from the WWE…

New Photoshoot PreviewKharma has been the topic of many dirtsheet stories – from her quitting WWE, taking more time off to simply being released from WWE.

The question on everyones’ minds has been, what is the truth. WWE and Kharma were both quiet on the release- neither sending out an official statment.

Kharma replied earlier this month on Twitter that she had been ‘promoted’ to WWE’s alumni page- later retweeting contradicting statments on why.

Some dirtsheets believed that Kharma would appear on RAW’s 1000th monumental episode, but when no Kharma or Divas appeared the whole WWE Universe was quick to think the worst…. that Kharma had in fact been released.

In reply to the following fan question ‘if you dont mind me asking, is it actually true that you were granted release from the WWE??? I Miss you So Much :’-(‘ – Kharma replied “yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.”

Fans all over the WWE Universe are taking the last half of that statment to the bank… and hoping its sooner rather than later.