Possible WWE mixed tag match ??

Dirt sheets are putting out storys on a possible mixed tag match – where the WWE Universe would see AJ Lee and John Cena take on Dolph Ziggler and a female partner.

The start of the rumor stated that Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero would be Ziggler’s partner however, on last weeks RAW it confirmed rumors that 2nd generation Diva Tamina Snuka would be serving as her body guard or protector.

It now is being said that Snuka will replace Guerrero in the match, making it AJ Lee and John Cena vs Tamina Snuka and Dolph Ziggler.

If you remember this past Sunday at Survivor Series Tamina Snuka attacked AJ Lee from behind, which wouldn’t make this idea far fetched.

WWE Diva arrested at Smackdown arena….

TMZ is reporting that WWE Diva Kaitlyn was arrested, while at the Smackdown arena.

They go on to say Michigan police came into the backstage area with a warrant for Kaitlyn’s arrest due to an unpaid speeding ticket from last year.

She was booked and released shortly after, paying somewhere between $305-$315 for bond.


TMZ has posed a statment reportadly from Kaitlyn saying: “During a previous visit to Michigan, I was cited for a traffic violation. I am fully cooperating with authorities to resolve the matter.”

Possible new Diva feud? ……

Some dirt sheets are “reporting” that WWE officials hope to have an AJ Lee and Eve Torres feud at some point this year (possibly next year due to it being November already).

According to the sites, this feud is going to “get more attention than anything involving the Divas in recent years”.

AJ Lee and Eve Torres both have had incredible stand out years with their “Hoeski” and “Crazy Chick” personas.

Jim Ross comments on the NXT Divas, and trainer Sara Del Rey

In his weekly blog following WWE NXT tapings, good ol’ Jim Ross had some comments on the NXT Divas division and of course how it reflects on their trainer female wrestling veteran Sara Del Rey.

Sarah Del Ray doing an excellent job working/coaching the Divas. IMO I was the best in ring Divas bouts Thursday night as I’ve seen in WWe in a while. Layla, Alicia Fox, Paige and newcomer Sasha did well.

Amy “Lita” Dumas mentions AJ Lee

In a WWE 13 interview, WWE Diva icon Amy “Lita” Dumas was asked the similarities and differences between Divas now and when she was in WWE. During the interview she was asked which Diva today would she like to compete against, the answer a WWE Diva who has looked up to her.

I think it’s interesting to see the Divas of today and to see who the fans are attaching to. Obviously, right now, it’s AJ Lee, who’s not the strongest; she’s not one of those classically hot chicks. But she sets herself apart, and you have emotion when she’s out there and you get a sense of who she is, and so I think that’s really cool to see the kid that wasn’t supposed to make it being the one that’s out there, and that’s who the fans want to know more about.

Former NXT Divas compete in TNA tryouts

Former Tough Enough Contestants and WWE NXT Divas Ivelisse Velez (Sofia Cortez) and Christina Crawford (Caylee Turner) competed in TNA tryout matchs earlier this month.

Ivelisse tried out against TNA Knockouts Champion Tara – who replied with : “She did very well. We’ll see what they [TNA management] say” in an exclusive Diva Dirt interview.

Christina tried out against TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion ODB – in what Tara commented on saying : “Great match with @TheODBBAM and @wwecayleeturner . Yayyyy!”

As you may remember last month former WWE Diva Jillian Hall competed in a TNA tryout match against Tara but has yet to be signed.

My Thoughts: crossing fingers all 3 are signed, they’d be great additions!

NXT Divas being promoted?…

There are reports out that some WWE NXT (developmental) Divas might be promoted to the main roster.

According to the sites, WWE feels there needs to be fresh blood in the divison since it is mainly focused around Divas Champion Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and Layla.


My Thoughts: AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero are used, as of right now Tamina Snuka has been added into a story. Cameron, Naomi and Rosa all know how to wrestle and haven’t been given a shot. Aksana has been added into this story in the past weeks. Once we figure out what side Alicia and Natalya are on that would clear everything up. As of right now I don’t personally think its a great idea to throw more Divas in the divison during the rebuilding process – just my opinion.